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Frozen AI


Frozen AI

At Origin Genetics, we make breeding simple. With the latest technology in pig semen freezing, our customers get access to an extensive range of high-quality genetics, from anywhere in the world.

The Process

We are one of the few AI stations in the world to specialise in both commercial and traditional breeds of Frozen AI. Our great reputation in the industry is down to our top-secret and totally unique formula, developed by the Overend family. With the right formula in the place, the freezing process is then carried out by highly trained professionals. To make sure every sample is at the highest standard possible, we test every batch of straws to ensure the vitality of the samples before they are sold.

Why Frozen AI? Well, our AI straws will be just as effective in 8 years, as they were on day one. To make the process simple, we use 2.5ml straws for the insemination process. This allows customers to inseminate their animals with one straw rather than using several, smaller straws. Having this Frozen AI in stock on the farms ensures availability when your sow comes into heat.