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Commercial Fresh AI


Commercial Fresh AI

If you need Fresh AI for your farm or your business, look no further than Origin Genetics. Our superior gene bank provides a wide variety of pig semen that’s scientifically proven to produce healthy and happy boars. Our Fresh AI includes breeds such as sire line from Durco, Large White Terminal, Pietrain and Terminal line boars, as well as GGP and GP dam line sires.

The Process

When you order Fresh AI from Origin Genetics, fresh is exactly what you get. We collect your AI, store it and dispatch it on the same day. Although our process is fast, we never compromise on quality, we choose your boar carefully and only the top 5% test boars are used in the stud.

Our Fresh AI delivers excellent conception rates due to the use of our long-life extender. This game-changing extender keeps the semen fresh and highly effective for up to 8 days, with customers reporting the birth of stronger, heavier and more durable piglets.