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Boar Lines

Yorkshire Large White

Large White pigs have been continuously improved over the last 60 years, not only by performance but also by improving function conformation and constitution.  During that time the production of lean meat has been improved that much that a kilo of pig feed produces 2.7 times more lean pig meat today than in 1964.  This was made possible by increasing the percentage of lean meat in the carcass from 45% to 65% and improving the food conversion and growth rate.  All this has produced a Large White pig with the lowest cost of lean tissue gain.

Numbers born have improved from 10.5 born alive to 15 piglets born alive in the pedigree Large White sows and the sows have increased their milk production weaning heavier piglets and higher numbers reared per year.

The sows have improved longevity averaging over seven parities in a lifetime and therefore reducing the cost of replacements.

The gilt selection rate has improved from 36% selection rate in 1970 to 85% today by (a) improving teat quality and the average number of teats to 15.7 today, and (b) improving the leg strength, leg action and footsize to withstand the modern slatted floors.

The Large White herd was split into terminal and maternal lines in 1976.  In the maternal lines the selection process emphasized numbers born and reared, growth rate and length of body.  The emphasis on selecting terminal lines was for lean tissue growth rate and improving ham size.  Terminal and maternal lines were selected to improve legs, teat numbers and general conformation as well.  The terminal Large White lines delayed maturity so that the fattening pigs continued to lay down lean meat to heavier weights in order to have a leaner carcass up to 140 kgs liveweight.


The Welsh breed is an excellent maternal line. The Welsh sow is a natural mother and takes care of her piglets and is an excellent milking sow producing heavier pigs at weaning.

The genetic improvement that has been made to Tates Welsh pigs has given them stronger legs, longer body, higher lean tissue growth rate and improved carcass quality to make the Welsh ideal for crossing with high fecundity Large Whites to produce excellent F1 gilts for the modern pig industry.

Terminal Duroc

The Terminal Duroc is an excellent terminal sire.  Using the Duroc as a terminal sire produces heavier and stronger piglets born that have more vigour which improves liveability and weaning weight. The heterosis effect of using a Duroc terminal boar on a maternal white sow improves the growth rate of the progeny up to slaughter weight.  The progeny of the Duroc terminal sire are generally less aggressive, reducing tail biting and fighting in the fattening house.  The progeny of the Duroc sire have more resistance to disease and also with the marbling of the meat, the meat has improved taste, flavour and is more succulent.

The Duroc terminal sire is an excellent terminal sire for modern fattening facilities.

Terminal 2000 Sire Line

The Terminal 2000 sire line has been bred by combining the highest performing Large White and Duroc blood lines. The Terminal 2000 boar is a very high performance boar which is an ideal boar for mating with modern hybrid sows.  The progeny of the Terminal 2000 is more durable and grows lean meat faster than that of any other terminal boar and produces a very lean carcass.